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About us

A boutique hotel, centrally located in Helsingborg

V Hotel lies right in the middle of Helsingborg, where the heart of the city pulsates with life. A forum for those who like personalised design, comfortable atmosphere and a home-away-from-home feeling. A four-star boutique hotel in a historic building that offers all the comfort you need. Every room is warm, personal and uniquely decorated. Have a seat in our living room, a pleasant and vibrant meeting place that encourages both focused work and relaxed conversation over a glass of wine by the fireplace, an after-work or a cocktail before the night sets in.
Bistro V, popular with both hotel guests and locals, serves a classic bistro menu and well-chosen wines in a wonderfully vibrant atmosphere. Looking for a relaxed feel without any compromise on quality?
Do you enjoy golf, art, good food, music, theatre or sports such as rock climbing, scuba diving or hiking and wish to enjoy the good life between the activities? Are you looking for a wedding night suite, the perfect party venue or a personal meeting or conference place? The Helsingborg area has much to offer and V Hotel is your ideal home away from home.
Welcome to V Hotel, a boutique hotel in central Helsingborg