A culturally marked meeting place

V Hotel is one of Helsingborg's oldest meeting places, where meetings and conferences have been held since the beginning of the 20th century.

Our conference room and wine cellar are perfect for smaller meetings, the management group or the board meeting.

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Our conference room

The Moon i källarplan/vinkällaren är ett mötesrum, styrelse rum, Chambre Séparée för 8-10 personer.



In the morning we serve you a good and healthy breakfast with Zoega's coffee, tea, mixed buns with a variety of cold cuts, juices, fruits and vegetables. In the afternoon you get a wonderful cup of Zoega's coffee, tea and a tasty pastry cake. If you want a fruit bowl in the room, we will of course arrange it!

Bor ni på hotellet ingår det middag på kvällen som serveras i vår restaurang Bistro V. Utöver det går det självklart att ordna middag till sällskapet. 



All our conference rooms are equipped with a computer projector, wireless internet, whiteboard and flipchart. Should you need any additional technology for your upcoming conference, we will rent it from one of our talented partners here in Helsingborg.

Our conference rooms

The moon at V Hotel

Conference and meeting room at V Hotel for board seating or small groups.

At the hotel, downstairs, we have a boardroom with room for up to 2-8 people. Here you can confer and end the day with a dinner for yourself.

About V Hotel

V Hotel lies right in the middle of Helsingborg, where the heart of the city pulsates with life. A forum for those who like personalised design, comfortable atmosphere and a home-away-from-home feeling.